Hi, I’m Oona Maria Huttunen, and I’m currently living in Jyväskylä, Finland. I study in the IB Diploma Program in the upper secondary of Jyväskylän Lyseo & IB World School. I started my studies in 2014 and I plan to graduate in 2017. I chose IB studies because I want to challenge myself and have an internationally accepted degree. In the IB I’m able to advance my skills to a whole new level.

I’m an active member of my school community. I am the president of my class and I’m honoured to be chosen for the position. As the secretary of the student board I have been able to promote on behalf of other students and represent my school.

Looking for ways to do things better is part of my nature and I don’t hesitate to make changes to achieve my goals. During my IB studies I want to challenge myself in different fields of life. That has driven me to decide to become a vegan during these two years of my studies. However I don’t look for straight answers because usually they don’t exist. For me it’s important to question the choices we make and try to come up with better solutions.

I actively follow current events on the news and social media. Especially human rights are close to my heart and the crises people face in 2015 such as the refugee crisis has touched me deeply. The concern of the state of the world has encouraged me to become a volunteer in the Finnish Red Cross society and come up with my own projects in and out of school.

On my free-time I study Korean language and culture. That has been my hobby for three years and I look forward to improve my skills in the future as well. Since I’m cooking my own vegan dinners, cooking has suddenly become a hobby for me. With a tasty and healthy diet I have energy to study and take part in projects.

Oona Huttunen