My Experience With EYP

I’ve become familiar with European Youth Parliament (EYP) lately. I got a change to attend a regional session of Kauniainen 2015 on October 23.-25. It was my first time taking part in any EYP event. I am interested in keeping up with the world events and learning more about the world we live in. The regional session was consisted of eight committees which each addressed a current topic in the EU. My enthusiasm when I heard I would be placed in the human rights committee went beyond limits.


EYP is something that has be experienced to get the true value of it. We were outside of our comfort zones. I got to try things I haven’t really done before in such a scale. I could say that many skills we had to use are also the basics to have in schools, EYP just takes it a bit farer. I was left with a feeling that what we did during the weekend was somewhat meaningful and useful. We made it for ourselves but more important we became a part of a European community of youth. Many EYP veterans admit that they feel like Europeans, that it is part of their identity. I’m happy and proud to become a member of this community and broaden my identity.

For the past weeks me along the others have waited for the results of delegates chosen for the National Session held in January 2016 in Lahti. Last week I got informed that I got chosen and so did two students of my school. I’m grateful for the support I received during the national session. It drove me to try harder and take my skills to the next level. During the Regional Session it was obvious that we were all motivated, skilled, and active young people and I know that many were not chosen for the National Session even though they have what it takes.

I’m looking forward to upcoming National Session but also other events as well. I think that there are not too many places besides EYP where young people like me could have the same kind of experience like I did. I therefore warmly encourage every youth to look for any EYP events close to them. For me EYP is a network of people who are the hopes of tomorrow.



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